Raul Wunderlich

Is a surfer since de earlys 80, starting to shape in is garage, back in is home town Santa Catarina. What started like a hobby, very quickly started to do boards for friends, and decided to start is own brand Atlantico SUL.

In the Early 90 e decided to give a step and moved to Europe, Portugal, looking for the oportunity, and to improve is skills, decided to create is own brand RW Shapes and started to work in is dream. For over 30 years, Raul Wundelich, backshaped for a couple of brands also, but in 2015, the big oportunity appeared and started is main dream of being the main shaper for a Surf brand. Today Raul has shaped over 30.000 boards, and works every days, with Nacional and Internacional surfers, making him one of the most talented shapers in Europe.

We are very happy to have Raul in our TEAM

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Raul Wunderlich
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